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Intelligent Technology

High frequencies
Physiotherapy, Pain Therapy, Vulnology

The ProNexibus Plus® is one of the most effective pain-fighting high-frequency devices on the market today for those working in the field of physical therapy, rehabilitation, and pain therapy due to its unique and patented technology.

A choice of 2, 4 or 8 MHz frequencies, combined with an emission power of up to 100 watts, make the ProNexibus Plus® an extremely innovative and effective high-frequency device from the very first session.

The ProNexibus Plus® is also certified for use in patients’ homes, is easy to transport, does not require conductive creams and gels for its use, and is practical and quick to use.

The Rinovacell® is a portable electromedical high-frequency device that is extremely effective in vulnology and dermatology where cellular biostimulation of the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue is needed.

Rinovacell® was designed and made to help doctors and nurses who deal daily with conditions complicated by difficult wounds(crush wounds, vascularwounds, diabetic wounds, trophic ulcers).

The Rinovacell®, is also certified for use in patients’ homes, is easy to carry, does not require conductive creams and gels for its use, and is practical and quick to use.

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Designed, patented and built in Italy.

The controlled high frequencies of our electromedical equipment makes it possible to achieve immediate therapeutic results due to their beneficial effects.

  • Antalgico.
  • Antiedemigeno.
  • Antiinfiammatorio.
  • Prorigenerative.

Through these effects, with high frequencies can be cured easily:

  • Pathologies musculoskeletal.
  • Pathologies inflammatory-rheumatologic.
  • The chronic-neuropathic pain.
  • Difficult skin wounds.

All of our devices have passed stringent tests of safety, are lightweight, easy to carry e certified for use in the patient's home.


The opinion and experience of physicians who have chosen FocusMed

Dorsalgia and lumbosciatica
Dott. Luca Mascher
Dorsalgia and lumbosciatica
Dott. Andrea Currò
Dorsalgia and lumbosciatica
Dott. Andrea Currò


University of Padua - Japan

ProNexibus Plus in musculoskeletal disorders

University of Salerno

Rinovacell in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

University of Salerno

RITRALED study - integral

We are an Italian company producing innovative and cutting-edge electromedical equipment.

Our devices are innovative tools for physiotherapy and vulnology.

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