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Intelligent Technology

Our Reality

We design and develop innovative electromedical devices for healthcare needs

Who we are

We make electromedical devices, technologically advanced and made in Italy, to answer to healthcare related need.

We focus our efforts on continuously researching and developing our technology, and on the precision, the reliability and professionality with which, always, we deal with our customers

Our Mission

The patient is at the center of our project.

That’s why our aim is to to provide the professional with ready, simple and effective tools and responses in order to address  immediately, concretely, and resolutely the patient’s problems.

Our greatest satisfaction is that we know that we can give real relief to those who suffer, thanks to our technology.

What we do

We work daily in close contact with highly qualified professionals, to continuously ameliorate our product, to make it most useful for the everyday clinical practice.

Our products are patented and built in Italy, are easy to use, light to carry and extremely safeThe EC certificate enlights the safety reliablity of our work.

Our licence

Our certification

That’s why we are proud of our patent, certification and our technology: the controlled high frequencies.

The ProNexibus Plus® and the Rinovacell®are developed specifically for:

  • Being effective and safe devices.
  • Being easyto use.
  • Avoiding adverse effects

Where we are

Largo Traiano, 4, 35036 Montegrotto Terme PD

Phone number:
049 891 1849


Are you a healthcare practitioner?

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Legislative Decree of 24 February 1997, No 46 Article 21

1. It is forbidden to advertise to the public devices that, according to provisions adopted by decree of the Minister of Health, may be sold only on prescription or may be used with the assistance of a doctor or other healthcare professional.
2. Advertising to the public of devices other than those referred to in paragraph 1 is subject to authorization by the Ministry of Health. On the requests for authorization expresses opinion the Commission of experts provided for by article 6, paragraph 3, of the legislative decree 30 December 1992, n. 541, which for this purpose is supplemented by a representative of the Department of the Ministry of Health responsible for medical devices and one of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts.