Guidelines on the use of FocusMed® devices


This general introduction on how to use our devices comes from the many years of experience we have developed in the use of high frequencies, through using both the Pronexibus Plus® and the Rinovacell®: innovative devices for capacitive diathermy. The indications are general, not restrictive, as each patient has its particular characteristics that require the adaptation of the treatment to its specific case. In addition, the indications we provide have not been tested for devices that do not deliver controlled high frequencies (e.g. electromedical devices of tecartherapy – medium frequencies). We invite our users, always keeping in mind the basic principle “primum non nocere” and appealing to your professionalism, to try both different combinations of the discoid and the insulated mat, and of the emitted frequencies and power. 

The need to present this introductory cap arises from the fact that the technology FocusMed® is innovative and different from other devices for capacitive diathermy present on the market: the mechanism of operation of devices for techarterapy, although at first glance may seem similar, it is completely different and therefore is not treated by our research.

We have developed the indications here presented thanks to the irreplaceable feedback of our users and the experimental help of the Universities of Padua, Verona and Salerno. Always hoping to continue in a fruitful exchange of experiences, we go to see the general guidelines for treatment.


Cycle of therapy and duration of sessions.

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Diagram illustrative of a cycle of therapy composed of 10 sessions. After the 10th session the clinical case will be reevaluated by the professional. The colors correspond to the severity of the symptoms of the patient (red: intense – green: in resolution): already after the first sessions a clear improvement can be observed.

The capacitive diathermy protocols tested experimentally consisted of 10 treatment sessions, lasting 10 minutes minimum and 20 maximum. The 10 sessions were carried out over a period of 1 month and then the patients were monitored over time. Studies have confirmed both the effectiveness of the treatment: the results were evident both during the treatment and after the treatment had been terminated. In addition, the safety of the devices has been certified: there were no adverse reactions either during treatment or in the long term.

Therefore we suggest you to make:

A course of diathermy therapy of about 10 sessions in total divided over at least 4 weeks, dividing the sessions in the following way:

  • 3 sessions per week in the 1st and 2nd week;
  • 2 sessions per week in the 3rd and 4th week.

Also provide treatment for a period not exceeding 20 minutes.




Frequency and power outputs.

The studies showed a greater effectiveness of the frequencies at 8MHz, which we consider the “top-player” of our capacitive diathermy technology. However, in the different protocols, it was decided to start treatment with lower frequencies as we found an effect of adapting the body to receive more intense treatments: In fragile patients the lower frequencies allow easier adaptation of the body to receive treatment. This phenomenon of increasing the tolerance of the patient allows to increase the power or the frequency given during the treatment.

We suggest to always adapt the frequencies and the power emitted by our devices to the anthropometric characteristics of the subject: height, weight, body composition, state of hydration of the patient.

The best way to adapt the treatment delivered to our patient is to explain him how to “measuer” the feeling of endogenous heat that perceives defining: with 0 “No sensation”, with 10 “Sensation of pain” and with the range between 4 and 6 a “Pleasant feeling of warmth”.

Linee Guida Pronexibus Plus

Guidelines ProNexibus Plus®


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Guidelines RinovaCell®


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