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Electromedical device for the outpatient setting, specifically designed for healthcare professionals.


Outpatient setting electromedical device for physiotherapists, nurses, physical and rehabilitative medicine physicians and for antalgic therapy. 

Device not yet disposable on the market
Maximum - dispositivo elettromedicale ambulatoriale - ENG 2

    Maximum®: What is it and how it works?

    The Maximum® is an innovative electromedical device (EMD) for physiotherapy, very efficient in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, sprains and muscular tears.

    It is a device designed for physiotherapist and rehabilitation experts also thanks to its antalgic effect. It is patentend also for its domiciliary use.

    Maximum® emits controlled high frequencies of 4 o 8 MHz. These are combined with a maximum power of 80 Watt (minimum of 1,2 J): the device is easy to manage and allows to treat effectively any kind of patient: from the sport elite patient, to the frail elder. The recovery time are significatively shortened.

    With Maximum® any part of the body can be treated easily and comfortability thanks to the specific design of the handpieces and of the discoids, made in titanium bioxyde, and the malleable insulated mat which can also be placed over the patients’ clothes.

    The device is safe and extremely handy in the outpatient setting:

    • I does not need any conductive cream or gel, by contrast with tecartherapeutical devices.
    • It can be used over the hairy surfaces: pubis, neck, etc.
    • It can be used over prosthesis devices such as Kirschner threads, othropedics prosthesis, etc.
    • It is easy to bring to the domicile of the patient.
    • The therapy is istantaneously maneageble on the patient’s feedback during the treatment.
    • It does not need a mechanical work by the healthcare worker.

    For further information on Maximum therapeutical effects refer to the ProNexibus Plus® webpage or to the Technology section.

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