Portable electromedical devices


We develop and realize portable electromedical devices, made in Italy

Our main goal and satisfaction is to know that we are helping the professionals in the war against pain.

We are an Italian company which builds innovative electromedical devices for the fields of:

  • Rehabilitative medicine and physiotherapy

  • Dermatology

  • Skin lesions

Our products are the Pronexibus Plus® and the RinovaCell®, patented and developed in Italy, with the aim to provide easy and effective solutions in the electromedical devices market.

We are side by side with the physiotherapists, physicians, and nurses in the care of the patient.

Focusmed® is on the side of healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, physicians, and nurses, in the care of the patient. Our aim is to provide real help to all the professionals who fight day by day against the pain with dedication and skill.

The main goal of Focusmed® is to resolve different daily healthcare issues such as pain related to traumatisms and physical activities, rheumatological problems which are always more often encountered during the late phases of life, and difficult skin lesions such as bedsores or diabetic skin complications. For us the simplicity of the aid and its efficacy is fundamental.

Focusmed® guarantee real results in short periods of treatment thanks to the very high technological level.

We are continuously investing in research against pain.

The electromedical devices are very easy to use and are light and handy to take around. These features make them a ready-to-use tool in every kind of setting.

We are very proud to know, directly from our users and customers, that our devices are really helping to solve the patients’ needs.

Where we are?

Address: Largo Traiano, 4, 35036 Montegrotto Terme PD, Italy
Phone number: +39 049 891 1849


CE  Patent n° MED 31069/29-02-2012

EC Quality Assurance System Certificate.

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