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Our electromedical devices

Focusmed® electromedical devices (EMD) are monopolar capacitive EMD, which emit controlled high frequencies. They have been developed considering the safety of the operator and the patient first: our electromedical technology has several safety mechanisms inside and works only when the discoid is in contact with the patient’s skin – by irradiation. The high level of safety also stands out from the certification obtained, which also authorizes the home use of our devices. Now let’s go into the topic of high frequencies together.

The high frequencies

The electromedical technology at the base of our devices finds its roots in the basic physical knowledge of the mechanisms of interaction between the human body and the electromagnetic waves (EM) at high frequency, in the electromagnetic spectrum between 3 and 30MHz.

Tecnologia elettromedicale FocusMed_ENG 1

How impedance varies with the rise of frequency. From “Electrotherapeutic devices: principles, design, and applications” – Clock, 2007

High frequency waves belong to the category of NON-ionizing radiation (NIR). Focusmed devices use the specific frequencies of 2 MHz, 4 MHz and 8 MHz.

Why were high frequencies chosen? Our body offers some resistance to the passage of EM waves, which is called impedance. Impedance, however, is not a fixed and immutable parameter in time. Indeed, it depends on numerous factors, including the chemical composition of body tissues – that is, the amount of water, lipids or proteins present in the muscle, fat tissue or skin for example – but also the characteristics of the EM wave.

As the frequency increases, the impedance decreases: that is, our cover offers less resistance to the passage of the electromagnetic pulse, accepting it, so that it can penetrate deeply and exert its beneficial effects within the tissues that you want to treat and cure.

The frequency range up to 8 Mhz was chosen because, during the development phase of our electromedical technology, we have seen that it is the range which allows to reach the best therapeutic results in the safest and most effective way for both patients and healthcare professionals.


How do the effects on the body develop?

Tecnologia elettromedicale FocusMed_ENG 2

Diagram on how the intermolecular friction develops. Image adapted from “Electrotherapeutic devices: principles, design, and applications” – Clock, 2007

When the discoid is applied on the skin the pulse is freely released without encountering significant resistance from the skin, and propagates deep into the target tissues. You can feel even after a few seconds a pleasant feeling of heat that comes from the inside of our body, a form of endogenous heat.

The perceived endogenous heat is the sign that the treatment is taking effect and that over time will have its beneficial effects, also due to the important non-thermal effects of stimulation with high frequencies. But how does this endogenous heat develop? Thanks to different mechanisms of interaction between the human body and the EM wave:

  • The electric field, inverted several million times per second, oscillates the positive and negative charges present in the system in opposite directions, making them “rub” each other.
  • The stimulus induces an alignment of the already existing dipoles, such as, for example, the molecules, which orient and rotate on them.
  • Conduction currents induced by the forces applied on the free charges of the system also develop, so as to develop heat by Joule effect.

Trying to summarize the concepts: all the electric charges inside the target tissue are put in motion and collide with each other, the friction that is generated is responsible for the development of endogenous heat, and this feeling is the sign that our body is receiving treatment.


Advantages of FocusMed® technology

To effectively summarize the advantages of Focusmed electromedical technology, we can divide them into two categories: biological advantages and technical advantages.

The biological advantages are many, for example:

  • The therapy can be carried out directly on the target tissue of greatest interest, whether it is deep (e.g. muscles) or superficial (e.g. regeneration of skin wounds).
  • Absence of complications: the endogenous heat that develops during treatment is physiologically balanced by the blood hyperinflux that develops in the body district of interest.
  • Remarkable anti-edema effects since the very first sessions (e.g. significant reabsorption of edema also found with the naked eye).
  • Remarkable anti-inflammatory and antalgic effects since the very first sessions: the patients themselves report a clear improvement of their symptomatology.
  • Significant proregenerative effects, both in the context of skin lesions (e.g. regeneration of ulcers) and muscle lesions (e.g. previous muscular tears with reconstructive scarring outcomes).

The technical advantages are also numerous and significant, especially for the quality of the operator’s work:

  • It is extremely easy and easy to use: simply place the disc on the skin of the patient to treat it.
  • The devices are designed in the convenient format of a lightweight 48-hour briefcase: they are designed and certified for use at the patient’s home.
  • No mechanical operator-dependent contribution is needed: thanks to the high frequencies, the treatment is delivered as soon as the discoid touches the skin of the coporea area to be treated. The operation can then carry out the session without exerting any strength: this allows him to get less tired and get to the end of the day having done even more treatments and rested.
  • The mat does not require direct contact with the skin of the patient: this makes its use very practical (e.g. resting on the jeans).
  • Focusmed devices do NOT need neither creams nor conductive gel for their use, on the contrary, it is recommended to avoid them.
  • Our high-frequency diathermy does NOT need any prophylactic cryotherapy: the risk of damaging and scalding the skin is absent.
  • The discs are extremely easy to remove in order to disinfect them properly before each session.


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