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Portable electromedical device for the maximal efficiency in physiotherapy, physical medicine and pain therapy.


The portable electromedical device for physiotherapists, nurses and physicians in physiotherapy, rehabilitative medicine and pain therapy.

CE patented of the Quality guarantee system n° MED 31069/29-02-2012

EC Quality Assurance System Certificate.

ProNexibus Plus®: What is it and how it works?

The ProNexibus Plus® is an innovative electromedical device for physiotherapy, very efficient in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, sprains and muscular tears.

It is a device designed for physiotherapist and rehabilitation experts also thanks to its antalgic effect. It is patentend also for its domiciliary use.

ProNexibus Plus® emits controlled high frequencies of 2, 4 o 8 MHz. These are combined with a maximum power of 100 Watt: the device is easy to manage and allows to treat effectively any kind of patient: from the sport elite patient, to the frail elder. The recovery time are significatively shortened.

With ProNexibus Plus® any part of the body can be treated easily and comfortability thanks to the specific design of the handpieces and of the discoids, made in titanium bioxyde, and the malleable insulated mat which can also be placed over the patients’ clothes.

The device is safe and extremely handy:

  • I does not need any conductive cream or gel, by contrast with tecartherapeutical devices.
  • It can be used over the hairy surfaces: pubis, neck, etc.
  • It can be used over prosthesis devices such as Kirschner threads, othropedics prosthesis, etc.
  • It is easy to bring to the domicile of the patient.
  • The therapy is istantaneously maneageble on the patient’s feedback during the treatment.
  • It does not need a mechanical work by the healthcare worker.

Therapeutical effects

The relevant therapeutical effects obtained through the use of the ProNexibus Plus® find their rational on the ability of the controlled high frequencies to generate an:

  • Anti-edema effect.
  • Anti-infiammatory effect.
  • Antalgic effect.

The common factor to these effects it the exponential rise of the blood flow during the treatment in the treated anatomical area. The ProNexibus Plus® allows to reach this fundamental amplification of the blood flow in just a few minutes of the session.

The rise of the blood flow helps to drain the excess of interstitial fluids in the area of the lesion; moreover the pro-inflammatory and pro-pain chemical mediatros are taken aways through the blood stream. The results are that the edema is reabsorbed, the inflammation dampens until is switched off, and the pain fades.

Indeed, with ProNexibus Plus® is achieved a therapeutical miorelaxation also thanks to the endogenous heat sensation which is developed during the treatment.

Not only the very high blood flows takes away the catabolites, but also it brings an enormous amount of nurients and building blocks for the damaged tissues: by this way the tissues speed up their recovery processes, this effect is very enhanced for the musculoskeletal tissue and helps a lot in the prevention of any kind of musculoskeletal injury.

Further information can be found in the Technology section or by clicking here.

Pathologies which respond very well to treatment

Painful spinal conditions:

  • Low back pain and sciatalgia
  • Neck pain.

Articular and bone aches:

  • Arthritis, artrosis, rhizoartrosi.
  • Knee pain.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

Work and sport-related injuries:

  • Muscular tears.
  • Articular sprains.

The ProNexibus Plus® components

Innovative accessories made in Italy

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ProNexibus Plus®: handpieces and discoids

The ProNexibus Plus® handpiece is new-designed tool, it is specifically patented an is made of biocompatible materials. It is ergonomically designed and irradiates the treatment in safety for both the patient and the healthcare worker.

Inside the product there are two handipeces which present a discoid on top. The discoids are of the dimensions of 40 and 50mm in diameter: the different dimension allows to treat more comfortably different body areas.

The discoids are easy to disassemble and are covered in glazed titanium bioxyde: these two aspects permit to sanitise very easily and quickly the discoid after each usage.

Moreover, the handpiece can slide on the skin and on the hairy areas without the need of conductive creams or gels: by this way the treatment is easier to deliver.

The Pronexibus Plus® handpiece can be used:

  • Statically: just keep the discoid and the handpiece steady on a specific spot.
  • Dinamically: sliding slowly the discoid on the skin following the trigger points.
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ProNexibus Plus®: insulated mat

The insulated mat of ProNexibus Plus® is soft, bendable and easy to clean.

The insulated mat does not need to be placed in direct contact with the skin of the patient, hence there is no compulsory need to undress the patient. This aspect easen the usage of the device in any therapeutical setting, from the ambulatory bedside to the seated position, or to the bedside of patients with walking impairment.

This innovative accessory is developed specifically to ensure the therapeutical comfort and continuity necessary to accomplish a successful therapeutical plan.

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ProNexibus Plus®24H suitcase and deploying cart

ProNexibus Plus® is designed to be handy and portable; moreover it is patented for its use in the domiciliary setting.

The suitcase, strengthened with steel, is light, compact and resistant to impacts; it is provided with specific keys to lock the suitcase to achieve complete safety.

The deploying cart is though to further easen the ProNexibus Plus® usage in the ambulatory setting:

  • It has specific vanes for the suicase and for the handpieces.
  • The cart is buil with solid and easy to clean materials.
  • The wheels does not leave unpleasant marks on the floor.

Indeed, as FocusMed®, we are always looking for the top quality materials, strictly looking for the best Made in Italy components.

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