What problems does Rinovacell® solve?

The electromedical device Rinovacell® has been designed to provide real help to all professionals working in the field of vulnology and dermatology, especially against difficult skin wounds: field where there are really few types of garrisons available to professionals.

Rinovacell® has proven extremely effective in treating skin ulcers of many different etiologies (e.g. diabetic, venous, pressure). In addition, its use is also of great help in promoting skin regeneration in general: the re-epithelization and scarring of surgical wounds for example.

The electromedical device Rinovacell® allows to reach these results thanks to its proregenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects: in this way the device enhances the physiological regenerative processes in any clinical setting.


Pathologies effectively solved by Rinovacell®

Difficult skin lesions:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Trophic ulcers: venous, arterial, mixed
  • Complicated surgical wounds
  • Bedsoares
  • Infected ulcers

Skin lesions in general:

  • Surgical wounds



What patients can be treated with Rinovacell®?

Over the years we have gained considerable experience with the electromedical device Rinovacell® and especially in the treatment of elderly patients who are fragile, even pluripathological or where the etiology of the lesion was not yet well defined.

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Salerno, there were no adverse reactions either during or after treatment, and there was no pharmacological interaction with the polytherapies that often take older patients.


Which are the advantages of Rinovacell®?

The strengths of the Rinovacell® touch with your hand since the very first sessions:

  • The clinical benefit is evident already after the first sessions: ulcer less sore, edema considerably reabsorbed, significant reduction of the erythematous area.
  • The Rinovacell® is extremely easy to use and modulate during treatment: important factors considering the delicacy of the tissues in the healing phase.
  • You don’t need gels or creams.


How does the Rinovacell® work?

The electromedical device Rinovacell® allows to obtain exceptional therapeutic effects thanks to the biological activity, both direct and indirect, of the high frequencies. In addition, the device has been developed specifically to be able to treat gently, and without the risk of injury, the tissues in the healing phase.

The microcirculation1,2 is the anatomical-functional substrate where our electromedical device acts: the high frequencies allow to reach deep into the tissues, targeting with the therapy directly the site of the lesion and the (micro)ischemic areas of the skin and dermis.

The high frequencies diathermic capacitive treatment with Rinovacell® aims to restore the correct tissue trophism acting both on the microenvironment of the lesion, and on its surroundings.

In order to reach this objective, the Rinovacell® acts directly on the microcirculation, present in the anatomical treated district: thanks to the intense diathermic effect, the precapillary sphincters dilate allowing the spraying also of the previously ischemic districts. Associated with the vasodilatory effect, the Rinovacell® induces the development of a blood hyperinflow in the treated district: the tissue catabolites are effectively removed (wash-out effect) and the nutrients needed for regeneration are massively brought to the site.

The so “regenerated” microenvironment induces, in cascade, numerous positive effects on different cell types: epithelial cells regenerate and duplicate more easily and more effectively; leukocytes are found in a para-physiological environment and then their phenotype tends to become proregenerative; pain neurons no longer have their receptors immersed in a microenvironment that sensitizes them.


Hence, the therapeutical effects of Rinovacell® are:

  • Proregenerative effect: the nutrients reported in the site of the lesion promote a fast re-epitelization of the ulcer.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: reduced chemokines that indicate the presence of tissue damage – eg. rebalancing of tissue pH3, rebalancing oxygen concentration4,5 –; moreover the diathermy has a direct effect on the phenotype of leukocytes6,7.
  • Antalgic effect: reduction of chemokines sensitizing pain receptors and direct diathermic effect on pain pathways8,9.
  • Anti-edema effect: blood hyperinflow reduces intracapillary hydrostatic pressure (Venturi effect).



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