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Controlled High Frequencies

An innovative, practical and effective device

ProNexibus Plus® is designed for

Physical therapists - Nurses - Pain therapists

ProNexibus Plus - Fisioterapia

What is it and how does it work?

The ProNexibus Plus® generates controlled high frequencies at 2, 4 and 8 MHz.

The emitted radio frequencies penetrate deep into the tissues and exceed the resistance offered by the body and cell membranes.

The high frequencies, overcoming the barriers they encounter in their path, reach directly deep into the damaged cells and immediately activate the cellular healing processes.

The beneficial effects of the high-frequency diathermy of the Pronexibus Plus® are:

  • Painkiller.
  • Antiedema.
  • Anti inflammatory.
  • Regenerative.
Effetto Antiinfiammatorio

Anti Inflammatory

Effetto Antalgico


Effetto Antiedemigeno


ProNexibus Plus - Effetto Prorigenerativo


Pros of ProNexibus Plus®

  • Immediate results on all musculoskeletal diseases.
  • It does not require creams or conductive gels.
  • It can be used over hairy areas(atlas, pubis, thorax).
  • It can be used on prosthetic materials (plaques, osteosynthesis media).
  • Mechanical work by the operator is not required.
  • Light and easy to carry.
ProNexibus Plus - benessere

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