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Regenerative high frequencies

Vulnology, Dermatology, Difficult skin lesions

Rinovacell for skin regeneration

Effective for difficult skin wounds and ulcers

Bendaggio ferite cutanee difficili

RinovaCell®: what is it and how it works?

The RinovaCell® promotes the regeneration of difficult skin wounds by directly stimulating the skin and the dermis thanks to the interaction between the controlled high frequencies and the tissues.

The electromedical device generates controlled electromagnetic waves at high frequencies (2, 4 or 8 MHz), that overcome the biological barriers of tissues. 

The technology has been developed specifically for skin lesions: the safety devices, present inside our devices, prevent any stress harmful to the patient in the treatment site. In addition, Rinovacell® does not require creams, conductive gels or anesthetics.

It is a portable medical device, designed specifically for health professionals working in the field of vulnology and dermatology and certified for the treatment of skin lesions of different etiology, both at the outpatient and at home.

Effetto Antiinfiammatorio

Anti inflammatory

Effetto Antalgico


Effetto Antiedemigeno


ProNexibus Plus - Effetto Prorigenerativo


Therapeutical effects

How do high frequencies work therapeutically?

The high frequencies of Rinovacell® cause a significantly dilation of arterioles and capillaries, hence enhancing the local blood flow and allowing the repaerfusion of previously ischemic areas.

The local microenvironment, thanks to the additional blood flow, is replenished with metabolites and nutrients necessary for the physiological regeneration of the tissues. In addition, increased blood flow facilitates effective lymphatic drainage and reduces the amount of pro-pain and pro-inflammatory chemokines present in the context of the lesion.

Also the immune system is favored by high frequencies: the blood hyperinflux leads more white blood cells to the ulcerated site, thus speeding up the elimination of bacteria, and the reperfusion of the previously ischemic and damaged districts favors a rebalancing of the local inflammatory state: as an example, the macrophages are able to modify own phenotype, in proinflammatory or proregenerative direction, also based on the amount of oxygen present in the tissues.

Thanks to its dynamic action, Rinovacell® allows to:

  • Effectively and quickly reduce edema.
  • Significantly reduce the patient’s pain from the first sessions.
  • Reduce the rate of reinfection of the ulcer and its and consequent inflammatory state.
  • Speed up the process of resupitelization and closure of the ulcer.

Difficult skin wounds that respond well to treatment with Rinovacell®:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Trophic ulcers (venous, mixed, arterial)
  • Surgical ulcers
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Infected ulcers
Ulcere Rinovacell

The Rinovacell® is an electromedical device for treating trophic ulcers, in a short time and with high effectiveness.

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