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Why the high frequencies?

Our body is composed of millions of cells. These, very schematically, are systems that differentiate themselves, and their internal environment, from the external environment through the cell membrane.

At the two sides of the cell membrane there is a potential difference, due to the different concentration of ions between the intracellular environment and the extracellular environment.

Starting from this consideration, we can consider the cell as a bioelectric unit with its own characteristics of electrical conductivity and resistance. Impedance Is a variable that summarizes the bioelectric behavior of body tissues.

Experimentally, it has been measured that the impedance, or, greatly simplifying, the resistance of tissues, decreases when the frequency of electromagnetic waves passing through them increases. Translated into practice: increasing frequency, and in particular the high frequency range (3-30 MHz), reduces the impedance of cells almost to zero.

Variation of impedance as frequency changes. "Electrotherapeutic devices: principles, design, and applications" - Clock, 2007

Therefore, it can be said that radiofrequencies emitted by our devices overcome the barrier represented by the most superficial tissues to penetrate deeply and thus exert their effect directly in depth, at the site of damage.

The beneficial-therapeutic effects?

The interaction between biological tissues and high frequencies, particularly 8 MHz, is the basis of the beneficial effects (antalgic, antiedemigenous, anti-inflammatory, and prorigenerative) that develop during therapy.

The high frequencies generated by our devices activate directly, and indirectly, numerous cellular metabolic cascades responsible for injury regeneration and repair.

The effects generated by high frequencies can be divided into:

  • Direct : release of nitric oxide (NO) from different cellular species.
  • Indirect : significant elevation of local temperature in the target tissue.

Nitric oxide is an important biochemical mediator that has multiple effects: it is a vasodilator, activates processes of neoangiogenesis, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The effects of nitric oxide are amplified by the indirect-diathermic effects of high frequencies that increase local metabolism and affect the re-balancing of immune activity at the treatment site.

Handpieces and discoids

Focusmed® has invested heavily in researching and choosing the best materials to radiate energy from our electromedical devices to the patient in total safety .

Handpieces are a key component of our electromedical equipment: custom-designed, certified, biocompatible and ergonomic.

At the apex of the handpieces is an isolated, titanium dioxide-coated discoid. The discoid has been carefully designed to allow treatment delivery in total safety for patient and operator. The surface of the discoid, coated with vitrified titanium dioxide, is insulated from the external environment. In addition, the discoid is easily removable from the handpiece so it can be quickly cleaned after each treatment.

The handpiece can slide over the skin or hair without the use of conductive gels or creams, making treatment much more convenient.

Handpieces with titanium dioxide discoids.

The handpieces can be used in two different manners:

  • Static, that is, placing the handpiece on the skin and holding it in place.
  • Dynamic, i.e., sliding the handpiece over the area to be treated, so as to act on all sore spots in one session

Return mat


The return mat is specially designed to be convenient to use for the operator and comfortable for the patient: it is soft, foldable and easy to clean.

It does not need to be placed in direct contact with the patient’s skin, so it is easy to use the devices on any body district and in any setting: from the clinic bed or at the patient’s home.

This innovative accessory is specially designed to promote and ensure comfort and therapeutic continuity in any situation.

Power in safety: microprocessors

Within all of our devices are numerous power delivery and high-frequency control mechanisms to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency under all clinical conditions.

Real-time control is provided by several microprocessors that, continuously, monitor the proper balance between the many treatment variables, such as power delivered, impedance, and high-frequency absorption by the tissues.


Case: durable, shockproof and practical

The steel case of our portable electromedical equipment is made of materials that are extremely resistant to impact and temperature changes.

Certification for home use of ProNexibus Plus®and Rinovacell® testifies to the great versatility and durability of our products.

The case is steel-reinforced, lightweight, compact, impact-resistant, and resealable with the appropriate safety keys.

ProNexibus Plus® is designed to be practical and portable; it is also certified for home use.

Trolley: safe and convenient transportation

The mobile trolley is designed to use electromedical equipment in the outpatient clinic with total safety and freedom.


  • Features the special compartment for the case and handpiece holders.
  • It is constructed of solid and easily sanitized materials.
  • Sliding wheels leave no marks on the floor.

Focusmed® always takes care to choose the highest quality by using premium materials strictly Made in Italy.


Benefits of FocusMed® technology

To effectively summarize the advantages of FocusMed electromedical technology, we can divide them into two categories: biological advantages and technical advantages.

The biological benefits are numerous, including:

  • Therapy can be carried out directly on the target tissue of greatest interest, whether it is deep (e.g., muscle) or superficial (e.g., skin wound regeneration).
  • Absence of complications: the endogenous heat that develops during treatment is balanced physiologically by the blood overflow that develops in the body district of interest.
  • Remarkable antiedemigenic effects from the very first sessions (e.g., significant reabsorption of edema detectable even with the naked eye).
  • Remarkable anti-inflammatory and antalgic effects from the very first sessions: patients themselves report marked improvement in their symptoms.
  • Significant pro-regenerative effects, both in the context of skin injuries (e.g., regeneration of ulcers) and muscle injuries (e.g., previous muscle tears with recomposed scar outcomes).

The technical advantages are equally numerous and significant, especially for the quality of the operator’s work:

  • It is extremely easy and simple to use: simply place the discoid on the patient’s skin to treat it.
  • The devices are designed in the convenient format of a transportable briefcase-they are also designed and certified for use in patients’ homes.
  • No operator-dependent mechanical input is needed: thanks to the high frequencies, the treatment is delivered as soon as the discoid touches the skin of the body area to be treated. The operator can then perform the session without exerting any force: this allows him to be less tired and to arrive at the end of the day having done even more treatments and rested.
  • The mat does not require direct contact with the patient’s skin: this makes its use very practical, that is, the patient can rest on top of the mat with clothing still on.
  • FocusMed devices require neither creams nor conductive gels for their use; in fact, they are recommended to be avoided.
  • High-frequency diathermy does not require any prophylactic cryotherapy: the risk of damaging-scalding the skin is absent.
  • Discoids are extremely easy to remove so that they can be properly disinfected before each session.

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